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Amazing Healthy Pancake Syrup Recipe

When I was a child my mother would eat peanut butter and syrup on her pancakes and I thought it sounded awful!  Boy, was I ever missing out!  All these years later, I now realize why she enjoyed the combination … Continue reading

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Baking with Natural Yeast

Book Review: I’m an idealist.  I can’t help it.  I have an idea of the way something should be and I work toward it.  I know I will rarely ever make life the way I see it but I work … Continue reading

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Food Storage for 1

My opinion was asked about whole/healthy food storage for 1. This idea of preparing for 1 is interesting to contemplate when I’ve always been looking to feed an entire crowd. There are some things that really need to be considered … Continue reading

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Hot Out of the Oven: Biscuits

I went to my red plaid cookbook to look up a recipe.  I like to have a reference point when starting a baking project I am not sure about and my red plaid cookbook is always a good place to … Continue reading

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