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Christmas Recipes

Where do I begin?  We have so many yummy seasonal recipes that I can’t decide which ones to highlight here! Let’s start out with some soups.  Mushroom Barley is a classic stew.  Want a new twist?  Try substituting the potatoes … Continue reading

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All Natural Travel Kit

Product Review: How often do you  travel?  How often do you find yourself trying to put together a travel bag that has all your favorite products?  Yeah- I don’t travel often but when I do I’m in a conundrum trying … Continue reading

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Awesome Green Drink Recipe

I want to share this here so I don’t lose the recipe.  I don’t remember where I first got the recipe and I don’t have it written down anywhere.  Though,  an internet search will bring up hundreds if you want … Continue reading

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Baking with Natural Yeast

Book Review: I’m an idealist.  I can’t help it.  I have an idea of the way something should be and I work toward it.  I know I will rarely ever make life the way I see it but I work … Continue reading

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