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Traci, LDS mother of 7 (6 girls and at last 1 boy!).  When the medical profession couldn’t heal her body, a plant food diet did. Because the healthful food was awful, she created hundreds of healthful recipes that taste so delicious, she is no longer tempted to cheat. Traci shares those recipes through her recipe book and blog, and explains how a plant food diet heals the body in her health principles book.


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Linda, LDS mother of 6 (2 boys, 2 girls, twin boys, and expecting the addition of another boy in April 2013).
Inspired by Traci’s books, Linda created this website to help moms like you to know: WHAT is healthful and WHY.  She teaches us how to transform our kitchens so our families will love eating healthfully too.  With what she calls a “Split Health-Conscious” family, Linda specializes in strategies and attitude for eating healthfully while keeping family relationships first.  It really can be done!  Love and Patience are the keys to getting everyone on board with a healthy life style.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to
inspire, motivate, and educate families
to eat healthfully now and
to be prepared for the future

by providing tools such as:

~Tasty, healthy recipes using whole, plant based foods
~Insights and tips to help you transition your family and your food storage
~Videos, books, and mentoring

Moms have shared with us their stories of struggle and triumph.  Through Traci’s Transformation Kitchen moms have gained control of their weight issues, improved their mood, increased energy, and empowered their families.

Check out TTK’s “In the Kitchen Blog” now to learn how to turn your family’s meals into a truly healthy, truly delicious experience… one step at a time!





Traci has made her Principle’s Book available for all to read as her gift to you. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about these timeless principles of health and many thanks to Traci for all her dedicated work!

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What does Dr. David W. Chirstopher, M.H., A.H.G., and Director of the School of Natural Healing say about Traci’s Transformational Health Principles?

“This lifework by Traci Sellers is a necessity for everyone who wants good health…In this wonderful book, Traci explains …natural laws in clear common language… She shows us how to change our routines so that we can save our life, be happy, healthy and fulfill our life’s mission.  I enjoyed the format of the book and found the charts most helpful.  To gain the most from this book it should be read from cover to cover.  I implore all to read and implement the principles taught in this book, which exemplifies the philosophies of my father, Dr. John R. Christopher.”  (Traci’s Transformational Health Principles, Special Edition C. 2009)



Retail Price…………………. $ 25  PDF DOWNLOAD version

on SALE for $19.97

A note from Traci:
“Dear Friend,
It seems that in this world there are far too many outlines for what to eat that is healthful and far too few recipes.  Even the people who know ‘what’ to do seem to have little working knowledge of ‘how’ to do it.  In Traci’s Transformational Health Principles, I explained ‘what’ to eat and why… and because it is so integral to success, I have designed this volume of instruction on ‘how’ it is done.
I have heard from so many people who have taken my classes and eaten at my store that they are continually surprised at not only how healthful it is, but how good it tastes.
The recipes I have compliled here represent more than six years of trial, error, and experimentation.  I know of nowhere else this information has been compiled into one place, and there is nothing else quite like it.  The finished product I truly consider a ‘treasure of knowledge’.
Love From Your Friend, TRACI”

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